The Busó Carnival

The Busó Carnival was included on the representative list of the UNESCO Cultural Heritages in 2009. This Carnival belongs to the family of celebrations bidding farewell to winter, welcoming spring and encouraging fertility, which also can be found in the beliefs of several other nations. It shows similarities to customs of the other peoples and the big festivities of the world. The Busó Carnival starts on Thursday with the Kisfarsang (Little Carnival), its main day Sunday and the closing programme takes place on Shrove Tuesday.

Pentecostal Choir Festival

The festval is a major event of the choralists in our town. We can boast of having a long tradition of choral singing and more choirs of very high standard and this is their celebration. The venue for the Pentecostal Concert is the grand hall of Kossuth Cinema Concert. It takes place on Whit Sunday or Monday, in the early afternoon. Usually 6-8 choirs present their shows, including choirs from the sister towns of Mohács.

Sokác Beansoup Festival

This is the first event of the August festival month in Mohács . It is based on a traditional dish of the Croatian ethnic minority called Sokac living in Mohács. This gastronomicaI speciality is a bean dish prepared in a fireproof earthenware pot over an open fire . It dates back to old times when these people, who were involved in farming, prepared this dish at the edge of the fields in an earthenware pot surrounded with burning wood.

Beer Festival

New tradition since the late 1980s, it has been organized by the Community Centre Bela Bartok and the Promenade Restaurant. Venue: the Promenade Restaurant Festival tent in the garden. Time: Second week in August, Wednesday through Sunday, the second major event of the festival month. On the first three days – Wednesday, Thursday, Friday –in the evening there are open -air street balls with live music by local bands.